The 9th Annual Organic Beekeepers Chemical Free Conference 26-28 Feb 2016 in Oracle, Arizona

As the Organic Beekeepers discussion group has now grown in numbers to over 5900 + members, we have now put together our 9th annual meeting for an American Beekeepers Association, for beekeepers into clean Organic Beekeeping, to come together to associate for clean sustainable beekeeping with ZERO treatments, and getting off all artificial feeds, and getting off all artificial breeding parameters, not in tandem with Nature.

Meeting to be held in Oracle, Arizona at the YMCA Triangle Y Ranch Camp and Retreat Center 26 -28 Feb 2016. Meeting will start Friday early afternoon with signing in, with Friday Night Hello's/Dinner, all day Saturday into eve, and thru late Sunday afternoon, with keynote presentations, general sessions, breakout sessions, hands on workshops, with 6 catered meals/refreshments during breaks. Dinner for Friday Night Hello's will also have speakers/movie. Vendoring welcomed with those attending (NO treatments/artificial feeds allowed sold for bees).

Speakers so far confirmed: James Fearnley of UK/England, for Propolis Bee Research Updates/doings., Michael Bush of Nebraska, USA, talking on Breeding/Field Management,...Beniamin Pixie of USA talking on the Magic and Medicines of the Honeybee; Mead Making as Medicine,....Laura Ferguson of USA and Dir College Melissae/International Natural Bkpg Fed for beekeeping history/etc,...Don Downs USA, speaking on Apitherapy, ...Jacqueline Freeman USA, speaking on Relational Bkpg: How to be best friends with your bees,...
Bruce Brown Phoenix, AZ, USA, talking on Regulations Pertaining to International Trade concerning honeybees/products of the hive.... Dee Lusby AZ, USA speaking on Wrap/Tie Frame Wiring/Embedding with help of Chris Romnes from New Mexico, USA,.....Dee Lusby for Friday Night Hello's going over Honey/Pollen/Propolis Nutrition Values, etc ...with later during weekend showing how to convert from hand trucks to floor trucks for working field commercially, along with honeyhouse needs/changes for working as one gets retirement age and older.

The $200 per person for meeting fee, includes: accommodations in Lodges (with up to 6 per room dorm style, each with own bath....with bring your own sheets/bedding/blankets, w/ men separate from women); six catered meals, access to all meetings/talks/workshops/snacks/break refreshments, and also a camp liability coverage (form required to be filled out) concerning private property of the camp only. Overflow for accommodations in lodges, will be usage of cabin units on site, with same fee. Also no fee for vendors other then normal lodging costs for meeting/catered meals/camp liability needs. For those not bringing own sheets/bedding/blankets due to plane travel/other, rental is available at camp office for approx. $12 per person needing.

For more information see: YMCA of Southern Arizona - Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley or visit OrganicBeekeepers at Organic Beekeepers or contact Dee Lusby for information/registration at 520-398-2474 late eve. For payment of registration per person of $200, due in advance of attending with check or moneyorder, send to Organic Beekeepers % Dee Lusby, HC 65, Box 7450, Amado, Arizona 85645, with stamped self addressed envelope, for returning receipt and more information on YMCA to sender, plus liability/medical form to be filled out. Note: $200 fee is a straight fee whether sleeping/eating at camp or not ,for covering cost of lodges rented, meeting halls, vendoring/catering, hiring workers, liability insurance, etc during conference. For general information concerning the meeting,... contacts are Keith Malone 907-688-0588, and Ranona/Dean at 978-407-3934

Posted by Dee A. Lusby
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Conference coordinator/promoter
Organicbeekeepers, yahoo site owner
Commercial organic beekeeper working over 700 hives


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